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Jumbo Lip Balms for Every Season: Customizing Your Lip Care Essentials

Kiss goodbye to dry lips 👄

As the seasons change, so do our skincare needs, and our lips are no exception. From battling dryness in the winter to protecting against sun damage in the summer, maintaining soft and supple lips requires a tailored approach. Enter Treat Beauty's Jumbo Lip Balms – versatile, nourishing, and perfectly suited to address your lip care needs year-round. In this blog, we'll explore how different flavors and formulas of jumbo lip balms cater to various seasonal lip care needs, ensuring that your lips stay hydrated, protected, and pampered no matter the weather.

Winter: During the colder months, harsh winds and low humidity levels can leave our lips feeling dry, cracked, and in need of extra TLC. Treat Beauty's jumbo lip balms come to the rescue with rich and emollient formulas designed to provide intense hydration and protection. Flavors like Mint & Matcha, and Marshmallow offer soothing relief while cocooning your lips in a blanket of moisture. Infused with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax, these jumbo lip balms lock in hydration and prevent moisture loss, keeping winter woes at bay.

Spring: As the snow melts and flowers begin to bloom, it's time to refresh your lip care routine with lighter textures and fresh, fruity flavors. Treat Beauty's Spring Collection of jumbo lip balms boasts an array of vibrant and uplifting scents like StrawberryLemon Buttercream Birthday Cake, and Banana Cream. These lip balms provide a burst of hydration while leaving your lips smelling deliciously sweet. Say goodbye to winter dullness and hello to a season of revitalized lips ready to bloom alongside the spring flowers.

Summer: With the sun shining bright and temperatures soaring, it's time to indulge in lip care that's both refreshing and hydrating. Treat Beauty's summer lineup of jumbo lip balms brings a tropical twist to your lip care routine with flavors like Balm Pop and Coconut. Infused with nourishing coconut oil and hydrating fruit extracts, these balms provide a burst of moisture while transporting your senses to a sun-soaked paradise. Whether you're lounging at the beach or exploring the great outdoors, these balms ensure your lips stay hydrated, protected, and oh-so-kissable all summer long.

Fall: As the leaves change color and temperatures start to cool, it's time to cozy up with comforting flavors that capture the essence of autumn. Treat Beauty's Fall Collection of jumbo lip balms features warm and inviting scents like Pumpkin SpiceCandy Corn, and Peppermint. Embrace the crisp air and vibrant foliage while keeping your lips soft, smooth, and perfectly pampered throughout the fall season.

No matter the season, Treat Beauty's Jumbo Lip Balms have you covered with a lip care arsenal that caters to every weather condition and mood. From winter protection to summer hydration and everything in between, these versatile balms offer nourishing formulas and irresistible flavors to keep your lips looking and feeling their best year-round. Say goodbye to seasonal lip woes and hello to a lifetime of luscious, kissable lips with Treat Beauty's jumbo lip balms – because beautiful lips never go out of season.

For a chance to win our weekly $25 Treat gift card, comment if you change up your lip balm flavors to match your season or what your favorite go-to Treat lip balm flavor is! 

Enjoy your Treat lip balms no matter the season!

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I don’t like to match my flavor to the season. I like certain flavors all year long and I love that treat beauty doesn’t restrict the flavors to the season so I have my options open as I please to order!


I use Oatmeal Cream Pie allllllllllll year long now at home. I do lean on unscented in Winter at night on my face and Summer so I don’t smell sweet to mosquitos.


My favorite is Peppermint all year round, Banana Cream Pie in Winter and Strawberry in Spring! I want to try Coconut this Summer!

Angel G.

I’m new to Treat!!! But love the Matcha mint!!! Love the scent and the fact you can use it on your eyes!!! Will definitely do the pumpkin season!!!! Don’t leave the house without it!!!!

Bettyann Bilton

I switch mine up! I love coconut and fruity in the summer and spring. (I just bought more coconut!!) I love peppermint and chocolate in the winter and fall.

Hannah Craner

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