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Bubble Gum Jumbo Organic Lip Balm

Bubble Gum Jumbo Organic Lip Balm

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💗 Timeless Bubble Gum Bliss 💗

  • Classic Bubble Gum Flavor: Savor the classic taste of bubble gum, reminiscent of your fondest childhood moments. It's like reliving the past with every application!
  • Generously Sized: Our jumbo lip balm is three times the fun, ensuring you can relish the nostalgia for longer.
  • The Taste of Childhood: At Treat Beauty, we crafted this lip balm to evoke the pure joy and delight of childhood. The taste of bubble gum is like a warm hug from the past.

💋Nourishing Goodness 💋

  • Nourishing Elegance: Enriched with organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, and Shea Butter, it doesn't just sweeten your lips but also keeps them luxuriously soft
  • For the Young and the Young at Heart: Indulge in a lip balm that's more than just a flavor—it's a trip down memory lane. Bubble Gum Jumbo Organic Lip Balm by Treat Beauty is all about savoring your youthful spirit.
  • Timeless Bubble Gum Bliss: Experience the classic taste of bubble gum, reminiscent of your carefree days. It's a flavorful walk through your own history!

The Sweet Memories Anew: There's something extraordinary about revisiting the charming moments of your childhood. Bubble Gum Jumbo Organic Lip Balm transforms each swipe into a nostalgic treasure. Because growing up doesn't mean giving up on the simple joys of your youth. This lip balm is a delicious reminder that age is just a number, and your inner child is always ready for a sweet adventure.


USDA certified organic lip balms


*Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, *Organic Beeswax, *Organic Cocoa Butter, *Organic Shea Butter. *Organic Flavor, Vitamin E

*Certified Organic Ingredients

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See why bigger is better

(Your lips will thank you)

Each jumbo lip balm is .50 oz - more than 3x the size of a regular lip balm!

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

"This flavor is my new favorite, I have several but this one is my go to. Tastes and smells just like bubblegum. I'll be back for more, love the ingredients and lasts a long time." - Stacy

Always 100% Natural

All our Treats are formulated with the best ingredients available!

100% cruelty free – never tested on animals – PETA recognized

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