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Huckleberry Jumbo Organic Lip Balm

Huckleberry Jumbo Organic Lip Balm
Huckleberry Jumbo Organic Lip Balm

Huckleberry Jumbo Organic Lip Balm

Huckleberry Jumbo Organic Lip Balm
Huckleberry Jumbo Organic Lip Balm

If you’ve ever eaten a big, juicy purplish-blue huckleberry straight off the bush, then you know how they gush with flavor! Some say it’s like a super-intense blueberry, others say it’s like blueberry and raspberry together – but neither of those descriptions quite explain it. That’s why I wanted to capture the unique Huckleberry flavor for my beloved Treat fans - and whip up a recipe to create the tastiest, fruitiest – Huckle-iest - best lip balm ever!

My all-natural ingredients are the reason Treat is hands-down the best lip balm for chapped lips. This homemade recipe includes Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Cocoa Butter and Organic Shea Butter – all swirling around your mouth to quench skin on contact. Then I added Organic Huckleberry Flavor and Organic Stevia into the mix for a sweet and tart flavor that tastes exactly like the wild berry Mark Twain made famous with his character Huckleberry Finn!

Slather on the robust, sweet-with-a-hint-of-tart flavor of Huckleberry to your heart’s content, as my Jumbo Lip Balms are 3 times the size of ordinary lip balms – and dab some on your cheeks too if you’re feeling it! Part of what makes Treat the best lip balm is that it can heal dry skin anywhere on your body. It’s a moisturizing elixir that calms and soothes as it repairs and replenishes. I’m just going to say it – this Jumbo Lip Balm is going to be your Huckleberry : )

USDA certified organic lip balms

Flavor Details: A sweet, tart fruity Huckleberry blend. 

What's in this hydrating recipe?

*Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, *Organic Beeswax, *Organic Cocoa Butter, *Organic Huckleberry Flavor, *Organic Shea Butter, Mixed Tocopherols, *Organic Stevia Leaf Extract

*Certified Organic Ingredients

See why bigger is better

(Your lips will thank you)

Each jumbo lip balm is .50 oz - more than 3x the size of a regular lip balm!

Always 100% Natural

All our Treats are formulated with the best ingredients available!

cruelty free USDA Organic

100% cruelty free – never tested on animals – PETA recognized

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