Treat Beauty Jumbo Organic Lip Balms: Safe for All Ages, Including Dogs!

Treat Beauty Jumbo Organic Lip Balms: Safe for All Ages, Including Dogs!

Welcome to our latest blog, where we unveil the exciting world of Treat Beauty's Jumbo Organic Lip Balms! In this article, we'll explore the remarkable safety of my jumbo organic lip balms, suitable and safe for people of all ages, even our furry friends. 

Discover why Treat Beauty has become a trusted name for organic lip care that you can literally "eat" up! 

Can you really eat my lip balms?! While I don’t encourage taking a bite or having a quick lip balm snack, it is okay if you accidentally do. 🙂

With USDA Certified Organic ingredients, featuring organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic fruit & plant extracts, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, vitamin E, and organic stevia leaf extract. What you put on your lips (and in your body!) matters. Just like being able to pronounce the ingredients in your lip balm is important!

My Chocolate Frosting Lip Scrub with Real Confetti Sprinkles is the best lip scrub ever!!! You can literally slather it on, gently massage your lips together – and lick it off like cupcake frosting and nibble the real confetti sprinkles.

What's in this hydrating recipe?

100% Organic Ingredients for Ultimate Safety

Treat Beauty takes pride in using only the finest organic ingredients in our Jumbo Lip Balms. From soothing shea butter to nourishing coconut oil and natural beeswax, these balms are entirely free from harmful chemicals or artificial additives. Embrace your peace of mind of knowing that what you put on your lips is safe, gentle, and genuinely good for you. And, if you did take a little nibble, you will be perfectly okay!

Cruelty-Free and Kid-Friendly

Treat Beauty's commitment to safety extends beyond humans! These lip balms are cruelty-free, not tested on animals, and approved for use by people of all ages, including children. Gone are the days of worrying about harsh substances and potential reactions. Now, both kids and adults can enjoy the benefits of smooth, hydrated lips without any worries. So, share the Treat love of soft lips and skin with the entire family!

FDA-Compliant Manufacturing

Treat Beauty's Jumbo Organic Lip Balms are manufactured in FDA-compliant facilities, adhering to strict quality control standards. This ensures that each balm meets the highest safety and purity criteria before it reaches your hands. Rest assured, your health and safety are the top priorities at Treat Beauty with the most USDA-certified organic lip balm flavors than any other brand.

Safe for Dogs: An Unexpected Bonus

Did you know that Treat Beauty's Jumbo Organic Lip Balms can also benefit your furry companions? Thanks to the all-natural formula, these lip balms can be applied to your dog's dry or cracked nose and paws. Say goodbye to worries about harmful chemicals accidentally harming your pets. Please consult your veterinarian before use, but rest assured, Treat Beauty's lip balms are a safe choice for your four-legged friends

Dog happy
Arthur, Chief Canine Officer for Treat Beauty 

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Over 172,000 Treat Beauty customers can attest to the safety and effectiveness of Treat Beauty's Jumbo Organic Lip Balms. From busy moms and young children to eco-conscious individuals and dog owners, people from all walks of life have embraced these lip balms for their reliability and safety. Check out our website for glowing reviews and see for yourself!

Treat Tip: When you fall for your favorite flavors, be sure to Treat yourself to a backup flavor for your collection. Many of my flavors are limited edition and will not be restocked

The versatility of Treat Beauty's Jumbo Organic Lip Balms goes beyond regular lip care. With our 100% organic ingredients, cruelty-free formulation, and suitability for all ages, including dogs, these lip balms redefine the concept of safe and natural lip care products.

So, what are you waiting for? Pamper your lips and those of your loved ones, both human and canine, with the goodness of Treat Beauty's Jumbo Organic Lip Balms. Order yours today and experience the difference in lip care safety and effectiveness.

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Flavor of the Month

Did you know that I have a different flavor each month that is on sale for the entire month? I do!

My Flavor of the Month is a great way to try new flavors, stock up on your favorite flavors, and grab gifts for your Treat besties. 🍭😘

Keep an eye out for my Flavor of the Month so you can cure that sweet tooth with your favorite Treats. 

Flavor of the month

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🛍️🎁 Why settle for just one lip balm when you can have a whole collection of luscious, nourishing goodness? Treat Beauty believes in giving you the power to create your own lip balm dream team! 🌟💄

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💋 Always Prepared: Keep a lip balm everywhere you go! With your customized bundle, you can stash one in your purse, car, office drawer, gym bag, and anywhere else you need a burst of hydration and lip TLC. You'll never have to worry about dry, chapped lips again! 💪💦

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Treat is the only company purchase my lip balm from. I have been a very loyal customer, buying for the first time when they only had soft candy, coconut cream and peaches and cream lippies and a few body care products. Boy!!! Marnie has come a long way!!! I have gone through so many balms that I have lost count. I stock pile my favorites just in case they get discontinued. Needless to say, I CANNOT live without Treat Beauty!!

Sara Cattelan

Treat Beauty balms are the only balms I will ever use….I love them!! Mint and Matcha is my favorite and I use it under my eyes whenever I need it!!!

Grace Flemmer

I decided to try Treat lip balm to see if it lived up to its hype and I was not disappointed. My niece wanted to try Treat with me (she was a chapstick brand fan). We have been converted we can not live without Treat! Love that it has clean ingredients and the flavors never disappoint. So happy to have found this product!

Chantel Nowak

I need every flavor. TTC and Breastfeeding means I need those safer ingredients without the loss of effectiveness. ❤️


I love the texture of Treat Lip balms and the way they go on smoothly on my lips! I also love how longlasting they are! I don’t have to be constantly reapplying!

A. G.

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