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Three Ways to Use Your Jumbo Lip Balm

  Lip balm on your elbow...say what?! Did you know that you can use my lip balms on more than j...

Three Benefits of Cocoa Powder for Your Lips + Skin

When I began my research on my new Chocolate Frosting flavor, I was inspired to incorporate real cocoa powder in the recipe after reading about the benefits of cocoa powder on your skin. I wanted to give you that stress-melting REAL chocolate flavor – so I thought, why not use actual cocoa?

Welcome To Treat Land! Where to Start, What to Know and How to Treat Yourself

Hello, Treat Beauties! I am Marnie, the Chief Happiness Creator of all things sweet at Treat. I wanted to share a few yummy things with you to make your Treat experience even sweeter. I created Treat Beauty in my kitchen to heal my own skin issues with eczema. I was on the hunt for healthy, organic beauty products that were compatible with my condition and nothing worked or was enjoyable. 

Treat Beauty Gift Guide For the Ultimate (Year Round) Giving Season

Treat Beauty Gift Guide For the Ultimate (Year Round) Giving Season Are you in the market for the sweetest gifts to give (or get) this year? Don’t worry, babe, we got you!

Adopt Don't Shop! My Journey of Dog Adoption: Meet Arthur and Frankie Massie

Treat Beauty is one big happy dog-friendly family! Adopting dogs has always had a place in my heart and I am so thankful for the opportunity to give a dog in need a home filled with love and a safe new life. 

If you are thinking of adding a new best friend to your family, please consider adopting vs shopping at a pet store.

Travel Tips for Every Day Treat Beauties

Sun’s out, fun’s out! Wheels up, Sweetie! It’s almost summer time and chances are you are planning a trip to take soon or soon-ish. Maybe it’s a trip to see your family, attend a wedding, a girls getaway weekend (woo hoo!) or a staycation.

Check out my 3 simple travel tips and fun, friendly reminders to help with your next trip or vacation. 

Earth Day Tips

Every April 22nd we celebrate and honor Earth Day as a global community to show our gratitude for the planet and the brilliant natural resources that we benefit from on a daily basis, but what is Earth Day?

In honor of our amazing Mother Earth, we put together some tips, best practices and fun facts so we can learn together how to be better to our Earth. 🌏

The Treat Beauty team believes that every day is Earth Day, but on April 22nd, let’s remind ourselves and our loved ones to take an extra green step.

Why Switch to Natural Lip Balm

Traditional lip balms can't nourish your skin the same as natural, organic materials. Learn why you should make the switch to natural lip balm.

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