Three Benefits of Cocoa Powder for Your Lips + Skin

Three Benefits of Cocoa Powder for Your Lips + Skin

What Are the Benefits of Real Cocoa Powder?

My NEW Chocolate Frosting Jumbo Organic Lip Balm and Lip Scrub with REAL Confetti Sprinkles will take YOU on a frosting fantasy journey…without the calories. These two new Treats feature real cocoa powder, along with my other organic ingredients that creates a lip-quenching recipe that will keep your kissers moisturized day and night.

So, what's the hype about REAL COCOA POWDER anyways?? Real cocoa powder has soooooo many amazing health benefits for your skin, body and of course your lips. I wanted to share three of my favorite health benefits of using real cocoa powder on your lips and skin and what I learned while I was researching Chocolate Frosting in the Treat kitchen. 

There are so many health benefits of utilizing real cocoa powder, both internally and externally on your body. Our friends at HealthifyMe shared a post that expands on the health benefits, nutritional facts & feature delicious recipes highlighting the health benefits of cocoa powder. 

3 Benefits of Using Cocoa Powder on Your Lips and Skin

When I began my research on my new Chocolate Frosting flavor, I was inspired to incorporate real cocoa powder in the recipe after reading about the benefits of cocoa powder on your skin. I wanted to give you that stress-melting REAL chocolate flavor – so I thought, why not use actual cocoa?

1. Cocoa Powder is rich in anti-oxidants that assist in fighting the signs of aging, uplifts your skin, help to reduce red spots. Anti-oxidants that you will often find in fruits, vegetables, tea, chocolate, and wine. 
Treat Tip: Apply to your face, neck and anywhere on your body that you would like an extra dash of rich anti-oxidants. 

2. Mood support and improvement is also a health benefit of cocoa powder; both internally and externally. 
Treat Tip: Rub Chocolate Frosting on your temples and under your nose when you need a little boost and of course on your lips when you are feeling a little anxious. 

3. Chocolate and cocoa powder have been known to help with weight loss and curbing pesky hunger cravings that we all love/hate!
Treat Tip: Take an extra long whiff of Chocolate Frosting, dab a little under your nose or nibble on the REAL sugar and confetti sprinkles when you are having a hunger craving. 


How to Treat Yourself to Savings While You Shop!

I am so excited for you try my new Chocolate Frosting Treats! You can find the two new flavors in the Happy Birthday Duo, Buy 3, Get 1 Free or right here!
All of my Treat flavors are multi-use, meaning you can use my lip balms on your skin for dry spots, on your cuticles and have even been known to help with bug bites! 

Chocolate Frosting isn't the only Treat that features added health benefits for your skin and body. Do you have these flavors in your lip balm collection? 

Orange = helps anxiety and stress relief. Take a big whiff of Orange, dab under your nose and on your temples. 
Black Licorice = licorice root has been known to treat many skin conditions, including acne and eczema. Apply to skin where support is needed. 
My Mint & Matcha Tea Caffeinated = helps firm and smooth the delicate skin around your eyes and mouth, your lips and to any spots on your body to refresh and soothe. 

I created Treat Beauty to many years ago when I was diagnosed with eczema and I am so thankful that my lip balms, lotions and bath truffles have helped so many of you with your own skin conditions and chapped lips. 

Thank you for loving my new Chocolate Frosting Jumbo Organic Lip Balm and Lip Scrub with REAL Confetti Sprinkles! Drop a comment to share how you use Treat flavors on more than just your lips. 


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I CANNOT get enough of your products!!! WOW! I also have super sensitive skin and I have zero problems with your line🥳 I so appreciate all of the research you put into everything you are creating as well – LOVE it ALL!!!


Marnie, I cannot wait to receive both in the next day or so! I was SO excited for this one! Your Birthday cake duo is also a favorite of mine. I will mix this chocolate frosting with so many different treats! Thank you from this chocolate lovin Treat Addict! 🍫🤎

Jes Trevino

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