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New to Treat Beauty? Your Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Lip Care Bundle Journey

Welcome to the vibrant world of Treat Beauty, where luscious lips meet organic goodness! If you're new to the Treat Beauty family, fret not – we've got your lip care journey covered. From building your own bundle to unlocking sweet rewards, this blog is your go-to guide for navigating the world of Jumbo Organic Lip Balms. Let's dive into the art of lip pampering and discover tips and tricks for a lip care experience like no other!

Buy 3, get 1 free when you Build Your Own Bundle!

Build Your Own Bundle:

At Treat Beauty, we believe in customization, and what better way to kickstart your journey than by building your own bundle? Select your favorite Jumbo Organic Lip Balms from our delightful range of flavors, creating a lip care collection tailored to your preferences. Whether you're a fan of classic Strawberry or crave the warm vanilla notes of Lemon Buttercream Birthday Cake Jumbo Organic Lip Balm, the power is in your hands to curate a bundle as unique as you are.

Why Build Your Own Bundle: 

🌼 Hey Lip Lovers! 🌼 Looking to take your lip game to the next level? Treat Beauty has got something super exciting in store for you! 🎉 Get ready to create your own lip balm paradise with our Jumbo Organic Lip Balm Bundle! 💋🌈

🎁🛍️ Build Your Own Bundle! 🛍️🎁

Why settle for just one lip balm when you can have a whole collection of luscious, nourishing goodness? Treat Beauty believes in giving you the power to create your own lip balm dream team! 🌟💄

💋 Mix and Match: With our Jumbo Organic Lip Balm Bundle, you can mix and match your favorite flavors to create a personalized lip balm lineup that speaks to your unique style and taste buds! From refreshing Mint & Matcha to my Bubble Gum Jumbo Color Stick and everything in between, the possibilities are endless! 🍬🌿

💋 Share the Love: Building your own bundle means you can stock up on lip balms to share with your squad! Spread the lip love and treat your friends, family, and loved ones to the gift of moisturized, kissable lips. They'll thank you for it! 💖😘

💋 Always Prepared: Keep a lip balm everywhere you go! With your customized bundle, you can stash one in your purse, car, office drawer, gym bag, and anywhere else you need a burst of hydration and lip TLC. You'll never have to worry about dry, chapped lips again! 💪💦

💋 Big Savings, Big Smiles: Not only do you get to choose your favorite flavors, but you also save big when you build your own bundle!

 👉 So what are you waiting for? Dive into the lip balm wonderland and build your own bundle with Treat Beauty's Jumbo Organic Lip Balms today! 💋💄

 Mix, match, and enjoy the soft, nourished lips you deserve. Let's create a lip balm collection that's as unique and fabulous as you are! 😍✨

Sweet Rewards Await:

Join our Sweet Rewards program to sweeten your Treat Beauty experience! Earn 1 point for each dollar spent with every purchase, give and get 25% when you refer a friend, or social share and unlock exclusive discounts and enjoy double point reward days once a month! 

It's our way of saying thank you for being part of the Treat Beauty community. Dive into a world where every purchase brings you one step closer to indulgent lip care rewards. 

Treat Tip: Don't forget to sign in to your Sweet Rewards account every time you shop to get those sweet points! 

Tips and Tricks for Shopping with Treat Beauty:

  • Follow Us for Exclusive Offers: Stay in the loop with Treat Beauty by following us on social media. We often share exclusive promotions, giveaways, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. Don't miss out on the fun – join us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!!
  • Join the Newsletter: Be the first to know about new releases, limited editions, and special offers by subscribing to our newsletter. It's your VIP pass to the latest and greatest in organic lip care.
  • Gifting Made Easy: Spread the love by gifting Treat Beauty to your loved ones. Our Jumbo Lip Balms make for delightful presents, and with the option to build a custom bundle, you can create personalized gifts for every occasion.
  • Always buy 2 of your favorite flavors! Many of our lip balm flavors are limited edition and will not be restocked. A lot of our fans have one lip balm for their lips and one lip balm for their skin for those pesky dry spots, saving your cuticles and more!
  • Join our VIP text by sending JOIN to 833-734-0187 for 15% off your first order and to be the first to know when we have our Bake Sales, restock your favorite flavors and release new flavors!

Embark on your Treat Beauty journey with confidence, armed with the knowledge to build your dream lip care collection, unlock sweet rewards, and shop like a pro. Your lips are in for a treat – indulge, pamper, and discover the joy of Jumbo Organic Lip Balms. Happy lip care shopping! For a chance to win a $25 Treat gift card comment with your favorite Treat tip on how to bundle, shop or share the Treat love! 

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Sugar Cookie is one of my new favs ❤️


I love the bundle because I can gift or even just share with my kiddos! I love that treat is safe for the whole family and it’s a brand and product we can trust! (Mom and dad approved!) The mermaid one is next on my list as summer will be coming and my little girl is all in to mermaids this year! I love that I can enjoy flavors that I miss from my childhood but learned those old brands were full of yuck! I love that my kids will be able to grow up loving a brand they can rely on and trust! Signing up for emails to save on your first order is also a must! Once you treat yourself you’ll be referring friends and family in no time! 🩷

Victoria verdi

My favorite way to bundle is to stock up on my faves and then add 1 or 2 new flavors to try. I have sooo many different flavors because it’s always funny to try something new and I like having backups available in case I lose a tube or one of my kids gets ahold of mine…

Noelle Pawlowski

My favorite is at to bundle is to always buy the buy 3 get one free bundle! It’s perfect so my Mom and I can try it and either have a back up, or give the other 2 away!
We have all of our friends, and family now using only Treaf balms, and no other balms( chapsticks)!!!

I specifically like to add 2 tinted treats , with 2 untainted treats, because mixing rhe tint with regular allows for mixing two flavors, and adding color with loads of dimension to the lips!!

For instance, the shimmering golden sugar cookie mixed with either marshmallow, or rootbeer ( my two favorite flavors) and then my lipstick on top, makes my lips look so much bigger, and poutier!!!

I have veryine trying it, and it works without lip liner, or lip plumper!! The hydration of these balms naturally give a lip plumping effect, and the shimmer/ color adds dimension, and glow which each give the effects of fuller , bigger lips!!

So, to wrap up my point into the best bundle, go for it, the buy 3 get 1 free bundle,
2 tinted , 2 in-tinted , mix them and place one more lip color on top, and say hello to hydrated, plumped up lips with the best taste ever!!!

Elissa Feeney

I share the Treat Love by sharing my referral link for my friend to get 25% off their order. When they use it, I also get 25% off for a future use! ❌💋❌💋

Melissa Linsenbigler

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