Your Top 3 Beauty Travel Essentials Courtesy of Treat Beauty

Your Top 3 Beauty Travel Essentials Courtesy of Treat Beauty

Treat Beauty 3 Travel Essentials

It’s that time of year again! The weather is beautiful, it’s summer holidays and there’s nothing standing in the way between you and that glorious island vacation! Okay well there’s a few things you need to sort out first, from deciding on your cutest bikinis to figuring out what the heck to pack in your beauty bag, but here’s where we come in! When you’re on vacation and soaking up the rays you don’t want to worry about a ton of makeup, but you do still want to look sexy and glowy. We’ve got you girl!

Here are our top travel essentials, all from Treat Beauty, that will ensure you look and feel your best all vacay long!


Jumbo Lip Balm

If there’s one thing we cannot do without in the summer heat, it’s our jumbo lip balms! Formulated with all natural, luxuriously silky ingredients and available in absolutely decadent flavors you just can’t go wrong! Our balms will keep your lips soft and hydrated and protected against flaking and peeling from uv rays. We’ve also just brought out some seriously fun (and yummy) summer flavors! What will be your next favorite treat?


Tinted Balm

While you want to keep your skin as natural as possible in the summer heat (sweaty makeup is never a good look) we understand that you still wouldn’t mind a natural wash of color to brighten your skin and perk you up! Well, we have the perfect multi-tasking balms for you! Our tinted balms provide the sheerest hint of color to wake up your skin and give you a healthy dewy glow. The best part is that they can be used on lips, cheeks and anywhere else on your face that needs a little brightening up!

We have a few different colors depending on your preference, but our bestseller, and my personal favorite, is our Sweetheart Color Stick. It’s the most gorgeous and flattering shade of pink and complements all skin colors! It also smells like the sweetest candy around!


Treatment Balm

All that summer heat can sap the moisture out of your skin and leave it feeling and looking a little thirsty. Our treatment balms are the perfect size to squeeze in to any bag and they will provide that dose of hydration your skin craves. They’re simple and easy to use and can be used anywhere and everywhere from softening rough cuticles to smoothing your under eyes. Try our yummy Marshmallow Treatment Stick to banish dry spots in a jiffy or our refreshing Matcha and Mint Balm, formulated with real caffeine, to set your under eye bags packing! Better yet, buy them both and get a special deal!

These three beauty products will help you to enjoy your best and happiest skin and lips all vacay long!

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