3 Kissing Tricks To Make Sure You Have The Freshest Breath & Puckered Pout!

3 Kissing Tricks To Make Sure You Have The Freshest Breath & Puckered Pout!

3 Kissing Tricks To Make Sure You Have The Freshest Breath & Puckered Pout!

You’re out on a date after a string of disappointments and while you sip your glass of red and indulge in delicious food, you listen attentively as your date entertains you with a hilarious story and you realize something; this is the most fun you’ve had in a while. While the food and drink is certainly top notch, the company is even better. Thank goodness your friend finally got it right with your blind date!

As you find yourself becoming more and more relaxed, your heart flutters in anticipation, because with a date this great there may just be a kiss at the end of the evening. Of course you’re not always a “kiss on the first date” kinda girl, but tonight you’re feeling like going with the flow and if it happens you’re not going to say no!

You then remember, with horror, that garlic bread you enjoyed as a starter, right before your seafood platter arrived and you realize that a kiss is the last thing you want to happen! Oh honey, that’s where we come in!

In this article we’ll talk about a few ways you can ensure you have the freshest breath and most luscious lips so you’re always ready for that kiss, whether it’s the first or the millionth one!

Zap that garlic breath

Garlic bread, garlic pasta, garlic butter prawns, anything with garlic is usually delicious, but it doesn’t leave your breath smelling too fresh!

Fortunately, there is a really effective way you can zap garlic breath in the bud so you can feel confident when that special someone leans in a little closer.

Water with some lemon water squeezed in is a great way to refresh your senses and your breath, so be sure to sip some throughout the evening, but especially after a heaping of garlic. Just ask the waiter for some water with lemon or if you’re at home, you may even want to have a shot of pure lemon to really leave your breath smelling like roses.

Freshen any breath with Parsley

Parsley is another great way to send garlic breath on its way. Just chew on some after your meal and your breath will be fresh and kiss ready.

Get the smoothest lips in town

Of course your lips are a big part of the kissing process, so you’re going to want them to be at their absolute best.

Your two step process to the silkiest smoothest lips include a good lip scrub

fresh breathe, luscious lips... here are your ultimate kissing tips!

followed by a slather of our delectable, creamy and luxurious balms.

Treat Sherbet Jumbo Organic Lip Balm

If you’re having trouble deciding on the perfect flavor, then check out this article for inspiration.

We hope these tips help you to feel confident on your next date, whether it’s with a new flame or an old love. Happy kissing!

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