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What's The Best Lip Balm For Kissing? 3 Summer Flavors You & Your Honey Can Enjoy Together

June 26, 2018

what is the best lip balm for kissing

We have all, at some point in our lives, experienced the frustration of trying to wear a hot lipstick colour on a sexy date, only to have it all smudged off after a makeout sesh, because hey, if the date is going well or if you’re with your longtime love, you can bet there’s going to be some kissing involved!

So what’s a girl or guy to do?

Maybe you’ve tried conventional lip balms only to find them leaving your lips a little dry or quite frankly, find them a little boring and we don’t blame you! Luckily for you you’ve found just the "Treat", because we have some gorgeous lip balms that taste good enough to eat ( can!). Okay, so we don’t recommend munching your way through our balms, but if you lick your lips or your honey does, neither you or they need to worry, because our lip balms are made only with all natural ingredients that will have your partner coming back for more!


Peaches & Cream

The last thing you want in a kissing approved balm is a flavor that is too overpowering, but that won’t be an issue with our Peaches and Cream Jumbo Lip Balm! Peaches and cream adds a subtle yet delicious and decadent scent and taste to this balm and along with our key hydrating ingredients you absolutely can’t go wrong.

Just read Alexandra’s awesome review if you don’t believe us!

Bubble Gum

You know how as a teenager, before a date, you would start chewing some of that classic bubblegum to get your breath fresh and okay fine, because it tasted darn good too? Well this Bubble Gum Jumbo Lip Balm will help you feel young again, but in the best way possible! Why chew bubble gum when you can put it all over your lips and taste it every now and then instead? Our balms will glide onto your lips leaving them feeling soft, smooth and soothed without ever feeling sticky, because no one wants that!

Thanks Jessica, for the love!


Cherry lip balm is a classic sensual fruit, it is an aphrodisiac after all! So it’s only natural that we’ve made our very own Cherry Jumbo Lip Balm for you to enjoy! One thing many of us think of when we think of cherry balms are balms that leave our lips looking a little red, and we hate to say, but sometimes a little clownish. You won’t have that problem with this balm, because it’s untinted so you can apply as many times as you’d like without worrying about looking overdone!

Here’s Ariel’s review:

BONUS: The Classic Kiss Mix Combo

Like the classics? Then you're gonna want to get your Chocolate Mint & Sweetheart sticks before they're gone! This limited duo is made for lovers, but enjoyed by all. And did you know you can smooth the Sweetheart stick on your lips and cheeks for a sheer hot pink color? 

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