Sweet Rewards Club

Treat Rewards Are Here!!

When you join my Sweet Rewards Club, you earn “Sweet Points” to redeem when you shop, or save for later. 

Join now, earn now to unlock fun and sweet rewards!

Sweet Rewards FAQ: 

Q: How do I sign up? 

A: Click Here to sign up in less than a minute!

Q: How do I earn Sweets?

A: When you create your Treat Rewards Account, click on the Ways to Earn to give Treat Beauty a little extra sugar. 

Each time you order, you earn 1 Sweet for every $1 spent. Earn now, save later.

Q: How do I redeem my Sweets?

A: To redeem your Sweets click on the pink Sweet Rewards button to see your current Sweets. 

Once you are all signed up, your points will automatically begin to pile up!

Q: Why can’t I see the Sweet Rewards button on the page? 

A: Try to refresh your page! That usually does the trick. 😉

Q: Can I use previous orders for my current Sweets? 

A: Your points start as soon as you create your account and sign up for Sweets.

Q: Can I use my Sweet Rewards for anything on TreatBeauty.com? 

A: Yes, yes you can! Treat yourself to your favorite Treats or Treat your favorite Sweetie to a little something fresh from the kitchen!

Q: How do I know how many Sweet Points that I have?

A: When you are on TreatBeauty.com, click on the pink Sweet Rewards button to see your current Sweets. To view your Sweets Activity, click the refresh button to view all of your previously redeemed rewards and your current Sweets.

Hot Tips: 

🍬Be sure to look on the left or right bottom side of the page to find the Sweet Rewards tab depending on the device that you are on. 

🍬Sign in to your account while you are shopping on TreatBeauty.com to see how many Sweets you have to redeem. 

🍬Click on the blue ‘Ways to Redeem’ button to see your current coupon to use! 

🍬Sign up NOW! What are you waiting for?! 

Shop Earn Redeem // Free to join! 

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How else can I save?

🍬Refer a friend

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What else?! 😆

Treat Your Friends! 

Share your personal URL to give your friends the rewards that they want and deserve! Share the love with a 10% off coupon! 

Please note that your personal URL will be created & will always be in your Sweet Rewards account that you can share via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, text and however you post/share.