Want Luscious Lips? Follow These 4 Steps for Using a Lip Scrub

Want Luscious Lips? Follow These 4 Steps for Using a Lip Scrub

What Are Lip Scrubs?

Before learning about how to use lip scrub, you need to understand the purpose of this essential beauty tool. A scrub is any type of liquid or semi-liquid formula that is used to exfoliate an area of the skin. Lip scrubs are specially formulated mixtures that are gentle enough to use on the sensitive skin of the lips. Beauty products for the lips employ mechanical exfoliation methods to remove the dead skin from the lips. 

A lip scrub contains a main liquid or semi-liquid base and a gritty exfoliating compound that acts as the mechanical exfoliator. Some lip scrubs contain basic household ingredients, such as sugar or coffee, in their formulas to scrub away the dead skin cells. These scrubs may also feature easy recipes that allow you to prepare them yourself at home. There are also lip scrub formulas that can be used as body scrubs or face scrubs to get the exfoliating action beyond your lips.

Understand How To Use Lip Scrub  

Before slathering gobs of lip scrub on your kisser, you need to know how to use lip scrub. It's also essential to understand how to exfoliate safely so that you don't damage your skin and lips and cause even more irritation. Lip scrubs can benefit people with healthy, moisturized lips and those with problem lips.

Some people may not be sure if they need a lip scrub. There are some signs that your lips are dehydrated, irritated or unhealthy, and using lip scrub may help with this. If your lips have flaking, peeling skin, they may benefit from some exfoliating. Lips that are frequently chapped, no matter how much water you drink or what kind of weather is outside, may also benefit from a lip scrub treatment. Sore, dry and cracked lips may also need some extra care and attention from a gentle lip scrub that helps remove dead skin.

1. Find the Right Lip Scrub

The first step for how to use lip scrub and to making your lips look and feel more kissable is to find the right product. You'll need to consider your skin type and look for a product that is designed for your face. For sensitive skin, dry skin and combination skin, you should consider products that have only the most gentle ingredients and avoid alcohol-based formulas. You also need to factor in any other skin care products you use or prescription medications you take when looking for a new lip scrub. Some skin care products contain retinoids, which may make your skin extra dry when adding new items to your routine.

It's best to choose lip scrub products that feature naturally-moisturizing ingredients, such as shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. Emollient ingredients, like avocado oil, grapeseed oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E oil help moisten the lips and keep them soft and lush. Humectant ingredients, like aloe and honey, help keep the moisture locked into the lips. Lib scrubs also have an exfoliator ingredient, such as sugar. 

2. Apply the Lip Scrub    

Then, you need to apply the scrub to your lips the right way so you get the best results. Before putting any of the scrub on your lips, be sure to remove any makeup or lip balm. Then, apply a liberal amount of your favorite product to your lips, covering them completely. Lip scrubs may come in a tube format for an easy application or they may come in a tub that you'll have to apply with your fingers.

Once the product is on your lips, use a gentle, circular motion to get the most exfoliating action. You should only scrub your lips for about 30 seconds or a minute. After you've scrubbed the exfoliator around on your lips, use warm water to rinse them or a damp towel to wipe the scrub off of your mouth.

3. Take Care of Your Lips After Exfoliating

A key part of how to use lip scrub is what to do after you've rinsed it off. Your lips may feel a little sensitive after exfoliating, so you'll need to do some aftercare after the scrub. After taking the scrub off, apply a soothing balm or treatment product to lock in the moisture on your lips.

After finishing your lip scrub process, you'll need to get into a routine of regularly exfoliating your lips. Your schedule of using a lip scrub depends on the type of skin you have and how your lips react to exfoliation. If you don't encounter any irritation from the scrub, consider using a lip scrub once or twice a week. Those who have extra sensitive skin may opt for using a lip scrub a few times a month. 

4. Practice Healthy Skin Habits

Finally, to get the softest, healthiest lips, you have to treat your skin with healthy habits. One of the most important parts of a healthy skin routine is using sunscreen every single day, even on your lips. Choose an SPF of at least 30. 

Taking care of your skin also means you have to eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Eat foods that have skin-boosting vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin D. Keep your skin and lips clean by taking makeup off each night and washing with a gentle cleanser.

How to Use Lip Scrub To Get Gorgeous

A set of full, soft and sexy lips is possible if you take care of your pout and know how to use lip scrub. At Treat, you can find a selection of lip scrub products that gently exfoliate and reveal your gorgeous, most kissable lips. 

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