3 Unicorn Treats That’ll Make Your Taste Buds Go Wild

3 Unicorn Treats That’ll Make Your Taste Buds Go Wild

UnicornsThe unicorn frappuccino from Starbucks might have come and gone already, but that didn’t stop the oh-so-wonderful unicorn love from spreading! Bring on the color, bring on the sprinkles, bring on the cotton candy! With jumbo lip balm flavors like Confetti Cake, Marshmallow, and Birthday Cake you know we can’t say no to a tasty treat at Treat Beauty.

But before you’re tempted to take a bite out of your lip balm (they are safe enough to eat after all!), why not rather indulge in these unicorn inspired treats you can make at home to satisfy your sweet tooth. Or, just go ahead and eat with your heart-eyed emoji😍… it’s totally up to you!


Unicorn Cream Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Yeah I don’t know either!

These adorably delicious unicorn cupcakes will be gone before you even have a chance to shout “Guys! I made cupcakes! Come and get ‘em!

Vanilla ice cream cake mix topped with a whipped cream frosting that envies even the puffiest clouds on a bright blue sunny day! And of course… the color… ohhh the color… everyone’s favorite rainbow sprinkles and a twirly rainbow lollipop to top it all off!

Get the recipe at Sprinkle Some Fun


Cotton Candy Popcorn

Listen, I love a big bag of movie popcorn just as much as the next person… but when I saw this magical creation of blue and pink cotton candy flavored goodness, I couldn’t resist sharing with you! Marshmallow, and vanilla make the perfect combination and even if you’re one of those people who turns their head up on sweet and savoury… this might make you a convert. But I can’t say for sure until you try it of course!

Get popping and find the recipe at Bitz 'n Giggles


Unicorn Macarons

I think I saved the best for last here folks…

Unicorn macarons.

Do I even have to elaborate on this?

Looking a bit like what psychedelic dreams are made of, these puffs of pink and blue swirls filled with cotton candy buttercream (what?!) are trippy… but in a very, very, good way. Topped with sprinkles and edible glitter, you’re going to slip into sweet unicorn dreamland with these babies.

Grab the recipe from Southern Fatty

Tomorrow can be a carrot sticks and ants on a log kinda day, but today, treat yourself! Your inner unicorn will thank you for it.


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Love these!!


Love this stuff!!


I love them lip balms and scrubs, bring on the 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄s 😱

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