Travel Tips for Every Day Treat Beauties

Travel Tips for Every Day Treat Beauties

Sun’s out, fun’s out! Wheels up, Sweetie! It’s almost summer time and chances are you are planning a trip to take soon or soon-ish. Maybe it’s a trip to see your family, attend a wedding, a girls getaway weekend (woo hoo!) or a staycation. 

No matter what your plans are, the Treat Beauty Team has 3 simple travel tips that every Treat Beauty needs to know. Ready, set… Let’s go!

Pack Smarter, Not Harder

Choose a color palette to pack up - then, add your favorite accessories to pump up the volume for fun and fresh looks. Wearing grey, black and white is easy to mix & match your favorite packed pieces and take your day look right into the night life. 

Plan your outfits in advance if you are able to. Make a list of any known events for each day to cut out the prep time on your vacation - allowing you to enjoy and maximize all vacation hours!

Roll it up! Roll, don’t fold your clothes when you are packing your suitcase. This applies for carry on bags and for all length of stays. Tightly rolled clothes take up less space and will help with deep creases or pesky wrinkles. Friendly reminder to bring your own water bottle & keep it green, friends!

You Glow, Girl! 

Real talk, ladies. When you are traveling or on that much (needed) deserved vacation, you don’t pack on the makeup - you keep it simple and easy peasy-lemonade-squeezy.

Treat Beauty Jumbo Lip Balms are all multi-use. If you don’t know that fun fact, slide into our social DM’s so we can teach you a thing or 4! Keep reading to discover all you need in your beauty bag.

Lip Scrub: My Birthday Cake Jumbo Lip Scrub with Confetti Sprinkels is more than just a tasty lip scrub. Keeping those kissers hydrated and soft is more important than ever when you are traveling! 

We tend to drink less water when we aren’t in our normal routines and during the summertime, the sun can leave your lips sore, chapped and damaged. All you need for the perfect perk-me-up, is a lip scrub. Warning: my Birthday Cake Lip Scrub is good enough to eat! 

Treatment Balm: Not only is my Mint & Matcha Tea Caffeindated Jumbo Eye & Lip Balm multi-use, but this is the secret ingredient you need in your daily life to firm and smooth the delicate skin around your eyes and mouth. This potent antioxidant de-toxifer is the daily lift that you need and love. 

Mint & Matcha is perfect for your face, eyes, lips, hands and anywhere on your body that you need to give a little extra attention to. Pop this jumbo into the fridge/freezer and apply to your temples, forehead and cheeks for any stress or sunburns at home and on the road. 

Jumbo Lip Balm: Now, this one is too easy. Pack your favorite flavor to keep your lips soft + hydrated and protected against flaking and peeling from uv rays. Pina Colada and Watermelon are the perfect vacation flavors to bring the delicious with you in your purse or pocket. If you can’t pick one, that’s okay too! We have some amazingly fun new flavors to share with you all summer and year long. 

Jumbo Tinted & Shimmer Balms: My Jumbo Tinted Balms are the perfect pop of color for your lips, cheeks, eyes and as a highlighter. For summer, we are loving Root Beer and Cotton Candy, for that shimmer and shine.

Birthday Cake Hand Cream - 3 oz (carry on size approved!) 

You CAN have your birthday cake and eat it too! My Treat Beauty Birthday Cake Hand Cream is made with organic aloe, organic gotu kola and organic honeysuckle.

My famous hand cream is designed to sink in deep and protect your skin from drying and cracking and features all-natural ingredients for maximum moisturizing all day.  

If you have a small travel bag at home, use it to keep all of your tech items consolidated in one place for your carry on or suitcase. Having to dig for a charger can be a pain… we’ve all been there. Bring a portable battery in case you aren’t by a power outlet and don’t forget to charge all of your tech devices before leaving the hotel or a loved ones home. Note to self; do this even when we aren’t traveling. 😬

Tech Travel + Books

Books! We love big books and we cannot lie. Have you heard of the Libby App? If you listen to books on tape/audio or love flipping those virtual pages, you need to download the Libby App right now! All you need is a digital library card, a tech device and you are good to go! 

When it comes to packing don’t forget that you can always buy anything that you forgot to pack! Chances are, you just might grab that beach hoodie or t-shirt anyways, so mentally prepare for any additional items that will need to be stuffed into your carry on or suitcase.

Safe travels, Treat Beauties! Enjoy your summer with friends and family and as always, don't forget to Treat yourself and get the self care that you need and deserve. 


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