SWEET TALK: The Buzz Around Caffeine In Your Beauty Routine

SWEET TALK: The Buzz Around Caffeine In Your Beauty Routine

The Buzz Around Caffeine

Hey all our Treat Beauty dolls! If you are anything like us we love a good strong cup of coffee in the morning. Whether you are dark roast drinker, extra cream and sugar kinda gal or simply like a shot of a espresso to get your day going. We all get the same feeling when those roasted beans hit our lips… happiness. PURE HAPPINESS.

But what if I told you that this magical roasted bean is now included in top skincare brands from around the world. What makes this ingredient so great for our skin? Below I am going to go over the benefits of including caffeine into your daily beauty routine. Best part? It is included in Treat Beauty's brand new Mocha Lip Balm, as well as Arthur's Coffee Lip Balm. So sit down with a steamy cup of coffee and enjoy everything there is to know about the most loved ingredient on earth.

What is Caffeine?

Let’s start with the basics. Caffeine is a naturally based alkaloid that is found in foods and plants. It is widely consumed in drink forms such as tea, coffee and sodas. Plus it is proven that consuming caffeine will brighten your day and get your brain more alert.

Reduces Redness

You read that right! Caffeine naturally constricts blood vessels in your skin reducing redness. This is perfect if you suffer from rosacea, as it will naturally and safely tone down any irritation.

Reduces Eye Wrinkles

If caffeine is applied around the corner of the eyes, it actually reduces the effects of crows feet. Those pesky little wrinkles we all love to hate. Our lip balms are a perfect for this as you can easily apply around the eye to give your eyes the boost it needs!

Fights Free Radicals

No matter where you live your skin is exposed to toxins in the air daily. This can be detrimental to your skin’s health and can even break down the elasticity that gives your skin a youthful appearance. Including caffeine into your daily beauty routine will help fight these free radicals and stop the signs of premature aging. Uhm, this is a big fat YAY.

Reduces cellulite

Say hello to your perfect beach body when including caffeine into your beauty routine. The caffeine will reduce the cellulite by diminishing the fatty cells.

Research at the University of Sao Paulo has proven that the application of skin cream containing caffeine reduced the size of cellulite fat cells by 17%. “

UV Killer

Adding caffeine into your beauty products will reduce the effects of sun damage. If you suffer from Melasma, also known as dark spots this powerhouse ingredient has show to reverse and fade the discoloration on your skin.

By now you should be finishing up your cup of coffee and visiting our website to get your hands on one of these caffeine packed lip balms.

We look forward to hearing back from all you ladies soon about how caffeine has changed your skin and lips for the better!

Xo- Treat Beauty

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