SWEET TALK: Skincare Secrets Your Mother Never Told You About

SWEET TALK: Skincare Secrets Your Mother Never Told You About

“First my mother, forever my friend.”

Hey all our Treat Beauty Dolls! Thanks for stopping by. Growing up I went to my mother for everything. Missing sock? Mom. Can’t get my hair to curl just right? Mom. I have a pimple the night before a dance, what do I do? MOM. Your mother is your first ever beauty guru. The one who has taught you to wash your face before bed, always match your mani pedi and don’t even think about leaving the house without putting some lipstick on. But what if I let you in on some beauty secrets your mom didn’t share with you? Trust me these little tips will not only add life to your beauty routine but make you the mom of the year with your own daughter. Oh and side note: BLUE EYESHADOW IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA.


“ I hate the feeling of moisturizer, What do should I do?”- Ashley

There is nothing worse than applying your makeup only to realize it is flaking off and you look like you have just had an acid peel. Trust me we have all been that girl. My go to moisturizer even for my combination skin is coconut oil, I literally put it on everything. I take my makeup off with it, I apply a thin layer on my face before bed and it even fights my cellulite… double YAY. Growing up I was terrified of moisturizer, I had the theory in my head that it would just add to my blemished face. Boy, was I wrong. Finding a good moisturizer that fits your skin type is key. If you are acne prone I suggest looking for a non comedogenic aloe based moisturizer. The aloe will soothe any break outs and the non comedogenic label will guarantee that your pores will not be clogged. In a matter of no time your makeup application will be flawless.


“ I don’t want to shell out money for expensive shampoo and conditioner. Is it even worth it?” - Shaylie

I was that girl in highschool that thought it would be a great idea to have my 15 year old friend dye my hair. Flash forward 10 years later and my hair is still suffering from the damage. The one thing I have found that helps my hair in between trips to the salon (disclaimer: I go to a professional now), is investing in a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Not only does it protect my color but it adds the hydration to my hair that the color has stripped away. Since I am blonde I recommend a purple shampoo, It will become your best friend by toning out any brassiness and brighten your beautiful blonde roots. I save money and time by not having to go see my hairdresser as often by using great hair care. If you are worried about the money aspect I recommend checking out your local beauty supply store. They are usually way more discounted than at your salon and are quality safe products.


“ I do a great job of never forgetting to wash my face but am I missing something?” - Abby

As if washing our face wasn’t enough? Sure my mom always told me that the key to clear beautiful skin was washing off my face at night but she never once told me I needed to include my neck. As I got older and I started working in the beauty industry I would notice older women with impeccable skin. However, once you took one look at their decollete it was sun damaged and covered in wrinkles. That’s why ladies it’s so important to never to skip this area, we want people to think we are 25 forever right? I have to admit when adding my neck and chest into my beauty routine it was a little bit of a challenge, it almost felt like more work. But after getting into my new habit I can’t imagine not treating this area with the same respect as I treat my face.


“ Treat Beauty, I love hot showers after a stressful day but is it really the cause of my dry skin?” - Ramona

There is nothing better than coming home and running a steamy hot bath or shower. However, our relaxing 15 minute getaway from the real world may be causing serious harm to our skin. When our skin is exposed to hot water it strips away our skin’s natural defense to dryness. This can lead to dry, itchy and even allergic rash if exposed for to long. I recommend limiting yourself to one hot shower a week. However always remember when washing your hair or face you want the water to be lukewarm. It is important we do not strip the hydration from these crucial areas.

Just think of Treat Beauty as the cool girl in school to answer all your Beauty needs.

XO- Treat Beauty

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