Hey, Treat Beauty Dolls! We are here to clue you in on a beauty ingredient that will slowly make you obsessed… We already are! Matcha green tea, one of Japan’s most influential ingredients is taking over the health and beauty industry by storm. Commonly used in teas and cosmetics, we have now seen a rise in demand in this product, being featured in stores such as Starbucks and Treat Beauty’s very own Jumbo Mint and Matcha Tea Caffeinated Organic Lip & Eye Balm. But what makes this fine green powder, so popular you ask? I am going to go over the benefits of this famous green power ingredient below.


Matcha contains 10x the amount of caffeine and antioxidants than a regular cup of green tea does. That means when using a product such as Treat Beauty’s Jumbo Mint and Matcha Tea Caffeinated Lip Balm, your eyes and lips are fighting free radicals and any damage that your skin may be suffering. Best of all? When dealing with dark circles one swipe of caffeine will reduce UV damage and slowly fade the color. Meaning a night on the town with the girls won’t be ruined. Double YAY!


Unlike, most ingredients on the market, Matcha tea has been know to be suitable for all skin types due to it’s healing properties. Studies have shown when including this ingredient into your beauty routine it will slowly diminish the signs of aging and in some cases has even cleared acne. When compared to common ingredients such as Vitamin C, it has shown little to no irritation even when applying it to clients who suffer from rosacea and eczema.


Sometimes no matter how hard we try our skin looks dull and is lacking that glow we all deserve. Matcha Tea is crucial in regaining life back into your skin due to its rich chlorophyll. Farmers leave the matcha leaves for an extra 4 weeks than the average green tea leaf in the sun. This results in that vibrant green color rich with antioxidants just waiting for your skin to drink up. It works by purifying your skin and body from the inside out, resulting in that hollywood glamour glow.

FUN BEAUTY TIP: Lacking a glow the night before a big event? Treat Beauty suggests using their Jumbo Mint and Matcha Tea Caffeinated Lip Balm and applying it all over your face after cleansing. Wear the treatment to bed and voila! Your skin looks like a million dollars.

Whether you order your Matcha in tea form or prefer it to be apart of your beauty routine, one thing is clear. This popular super ingredient isn’t dropping off the popular list any time soon.
XO- Treat Beauty
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i have always followed Kandee and have been wanting to try your products and i finally just received the mint and matcha tea balm and let me tell everyone it is honestly AMAZING. i have had dry skin on my face for the last 2 years and its 100% improved with no redness or any breakouts,yes at 38 i will breakout with certain moisturizers, this however,is my new forever must have. luv my treat!!


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