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Streamlining Beauty: The Time-Saving and Cost-Efficient Magic of Treat Beauty's Tinted Lip Balms

"Joy is the best makeup. But a little lip balm is a close runner-up"

In the fast-paced world we navigate daily, finding beauty solutions that not only enhance our appearance but also fit seamlessly into our schedules is a game-changer. Treat Beauty's Tinted Lip Balms emerge as a hero in the beauty realm, not just for their lip-nourishing properties but also for their time-saving benefits, cost efficiency, and the ability to minimize product usage. In this blog, we'll explore how incorporating Treat Beauty's Tinted Lip Balms into your routine can revolutionize your approach to makeup and lip care and your daily routine. 

1. Effortless Multitasking:

Treat Beauty's Tinted Lip Balms are a versatile powerhouse that combines the goodness of a lip balm with a touch of color. This means you can achieve a natural, polished look for your lips without the need for separate lip care and lip color products. The ease of multitasking streamlines your routine, making it a quick and efficient process. My tinted lip balms nourish and moisturize your lips using only the best ingredients that you can find for each flavor on the website. 

2. Cutting Down on Steps:

Traditional makeup routines often involve multiple steps for lip care, color application, and touch-ups. With Treat Beauty's Tinted Lip Balms, you can cut down on these steps significantly. My balms add a pop of color and nourish your lips simultaneously, eliminating the need for separate lip prep and lipstick application. Treat Tip: using a lip scrub once a week will prepare you for flawless and healthy lips. 

3. Time is Money:

The saying "time is money" holds true in our busy lives. Treat Beauty's Tinted Lip Balms understand the value of time, offering a swift solution for on-the-go beauty. Whether you're heading to a meeting, running errands, or simply want a quick refresh, the efficiency of using a single product for lip care and color saves precious minutes in your day.

Investing in multiple beauty products can quickly add up. Treat Beauty's Tinted Lip Balms act as a cost-efficient alternative by combining the benefits of a lip balm and lipstick in one. This not only saves you money on purchasing separate products but also ensures that each application delivers dual benefits – hydration and color.

4. Less is More:

The minimalist approach to beauty is gaining popularity, and Treat Beauty's Tinted Lip Balms align perfectly with this philosophy. Instead of cluttering your makeup bag with various lip products, you can simplify your routine with a single, multifunctional balm. Less product means less waste and a more sustainable beauty routine. My Magic Mermaid Iridescent Jumbo Lip Balm is the perfect lip balm for your lips, to highlight your cheeks and you can even use it as an eye shadow. 

Sustainability continues to be a driving force in the beauty industry, and eco-conscious consumers are seeking products that align with their values. Treat Beauty's commitment to sustainability is evident not only in their choice of natural ingredients but also in their eco-friendly packaging that can be resealed and reused. Did you know that you can pop your empty lip balm tubes into your recycling? You can! The Jumbo Lip Balms are housed in recyclable tubes, reflecting Treat Beauty's dedication to reducing environmental impact. As consumers become more environmentally aware, choosing products like Treat Beauty's Jumbo Lip Balms becomes a conscious step towards sustainable beauty practices.

5: Effortless Touch-Ups:

Busy schedules often leave little time for extensive touch-ups. The subtle and buildable colors of Treat Beauty's Tinted Lip Balms make touch-ups a breeze. You can effortlessly reapply throughout the day without the need for precision, ensuring that your lips look vibrant and cared for with minimal effort. Apply to your cheeks for that perfect pop of color and for an all-day fresh look. 

My Candy Apple Color Stick isn't just a lip balm; it's a lip care and enhancement duo. Perfect your pout by adding a touch of vibrant color while still enjoying the Mega Moisture goodness. It's the ideal choice for those days when you want a little extra glamour in your lip care routine. Add a pop of color to your lips, cheeks and eyes with one stick.

6: Elevating Confidence:

Knowing that your lips are both cared for and adorned with a touch of color can boost your confidence. Treat Beauty's Tinted Lip Balms offer a solution that enhances your natural features, promoting a self-assured glow without the need for an extensive makeup routine.

The nourishing ingredients in Treat Beauty's Tinted Lip Balms contribute to healthier lips. With consistent use, you may find that your lips require less attention overall. This reduction in lip care dependency is not only beneficial for your routine but also aligns with the idea of fostering natural beauty.

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Treat Beauty's Tinted Lip Balms emerge as a time-saving, cost-efficient, and product-conscious solution in the world of beauty. By simplifying your routine, these balms contribute not only to the health of your lips but also to a more sustainable and mindful approach to personal care. Streamline your beauty ritual, save time, and embrace the efficiency of Treat Beauty's Tinted Lip Balms – because beauty should be both effortless and delightful.


For a chance to win a $25 Treat gift card, leave a comment with your favorite color stick, shimmering tinted or iridescent lip balm and share how you use them or even share a tip! 

Treat yourself to a Treat tinted lip balm!

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Really helped

Joe Mwangi

I have all the color sticks from my own orders and gift cards, gifts etc. I love my frosted doughnut color stick! It’s so subtle yet works on my pale skin. It had this touch of rose gold shimmer and smells amazing! I pop it on the tip of my nose and cheeks for that “winter look”! Beware with it so close to your nose… you’ll want doughnuts! LOL

Jes Trevino

i love the iridescent mermaid balm! i love the shine it gives my lips and the taste is delicious. i also love the cotton candy tinted lip balm it is literally the prettiest shade of pink ever! and of course tastes and smells DIVINE!

Natalie Wheet

my favorite tinted lip balm is quite a few!! The red velvet has always been my number one, because of its color, and flavor!
Also, when it first came out, I couldnt believe it, because at that same time I was obsessed with anything red velvet! I was baking all kinds of red velvet cakes, and cookies at the time! Also, it was right around my anniversary of when my husband had proposed to me!
I was over the moon when it came out!!
I have always used it as my pop of perfect lip color; it brings me to life!! I use it as blush , and on nose, sides of nose, top of forehead, for the flushed look!
The irridescent mermaid balm, golden shimmering sugar cookie tinted balm, shimmering root beer, candy apple, frosted doughnut, and purple unicorn , are now my other tinted balm favorites!! I use the mermaid all over as highlighter on my face, and eyelids, nose, and I mix it with candy apple to get a beautiful purple color, plus the flavors mix really well! I also use the shimmering root beer as a bronzer, and frosted doughnut is perfect for in the crease above my eyelid to warm up my eyes, and create definition!
I found that the golden shimmering sugar cookie is the best at creating larger looking lips layered with the other colors, it’s multi-dimensional!
For purple – pink toned lips, the irridescent blue mermaid, or frosted purple unicorn, create multi-dimensional lips, when using purple,l/ pink colors!
All of these tinted balms are even really good for highlighting the collar bone, and shoulders! so pretty any time of the year!
They are great as eyeshadows, because they create the eye gloss look, but stay in place, and I can also place my irridescent loose eye glitter on top of the tinted balm on my eyelids, and the eye glitter stays in place all day!
I especially love that the red velvet, and candy apple create the most natural looking red lip, as of nothing is even on the lips! Like I said, they bring my face to life! I go from dull, and lifeless, to glowing all the time! Effortless glowing!
These tinted lip balms have truly replaced all my blush, bronzer, eye makeup, highlighters!
I actually really like to put the tinted balms on my eyebrows to make them stay in place, and create a shimmering effect on them , without being too overpowering! 😄😄😄😄✨✨✨✨💖💖💖I always say it, and will say it again, Treat Balms have changed my life forever, and so many people I know, love , and mention it to, and give balms to try!!

Elissa Feeney

Wow! Loved this article and learned SO much!!


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