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Spring, the season where sundresses start to make an appearance, beautiful fresh flowers start to bloom and your skin is trying to bounce back from the harsh winter months it has just endured. Treat Beauty never wants you to have a dry and dehydrated skin day again. Follow these simple steps on how to use one of our delectable body scrubs and your skin will be in top shape for any spring break activity.


Treat recommends that you wait at least 24 hours after shaving or having a wax treatment to use one of our scrubs. Why? In order to slough off the dead skin cells that have built up over those winter months you have to start with a clean slate. When shaving you are naturally removing dead skin, hence the baby soft feeling after your done. But after shaving you will want to give your legs a little time to breathe. The same goes for a wax treatment, however this method is a bit different in the sense that you are causing trauma to the area that you are waxing. After your wax treatment your hair follicles will still be open which can lead to irritation and clogged pores, even when using our gentle hypo allergenic products.

So don’t break out the scrub just yet, in 24 hours your silky set of legs will be ready to have some prime exfoliation. Treat guarantees the results will make any supermodel jealous.

FUN TIP: We recommend applying a dime size amount of scrub on each leg, then in gentle circular motions working the product in. This will create the perfect exfoliation and not to mention the silkiest legs in the land.


After a long day, a nice hot shower is just what every girl needs to feel like herself again. But did you know you are dehydrating your skin in the process? When taking a hot shower your skin’s outer layer proteins are working extra hard in order to create a barrier against the hot water, which it sees as a threat. Over time too many hot showers will completely strip your skin’s natural proteins leading to irritation and dehydration. So when using one of our scrubs we recommend a water temperature that is comfortable enough to stick your hand underneath it.



You’ve exfoliated, you feel amazing, but now what? It’s easy after you finished your relaxing shower and scrubbed away all your problems follow up with one of Treat Beauty’s hydrating body creams. This body cream contains coconut oil which will create a natural barrier to any newly exfoliated skin and also contains aloe a natural ingredient that produces six antiseptics, so any irritation will soon be a worry of the past.

FUN FACT: Applying a dime size amount of Treat Beauty's Lavender Souffle on the back of your neck right before you lay down at night will help you fall asleep faster and better.


In order to keep up with having the silkiest of skin you have to remember to exfoliate at least 3x’s a week. We recommend setting a schedule that works best for you, but keep your scrub in the shower so it is always at hand.

FUN TIP: Love pedicures but hate the price? Our scrubs double as a callous removing treatment! Simply fill a bowl up with lukewarm water, add three drops of your favorite essential oil, soak for 15 minutes then follow up with one of our scrubs.



Treat has two of the sweetest of body scrubs that you can chose from.  If you are like a lot of us getting 8 hours of sleep can seem like a chore, but with Treats Sweet Dreams lavender body scrub you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time. The main ingredient lavender contains natural healing properties to relax your mind and soothe any skin irritations your skin may be suffering. We recommend running yourself a warm bath and indulging yourself into the sweet smell of the scrub after a long day, a glass of wine is recommended but optional of course. Our Second scrub is the sweetest out of the two with scents of fresh vanilla buttercream, you’ll smell like you just walked out of the chicest parisian bakery. Our Soft Candy Sugar Scrub, contains aloe which due to its high sugar content acts as a natural humectant. It is guaranteed to lock in moisture and keep your skin glowing.

Finding a scrub that fits your mood or lifestyle is what we love most about our products. Customize, Enjoy and Treat yourself to the sweetest sugar scrub on the market.

XO- Treat Beauty


Robin vines

Where can i buy your scrubs

Tricia Hurley

I love and adore your body scrubs. I don’t see them on your site any longer. Will you be coming out with new body scrubs?
Thank you.

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