3 Reasons You Need An Organic Lip Scrub In Your Life

3 Reasons You Need An Organic Lip Scrub In Your Life

 Birthday Cake Lip Scrub

Dry lips anyone? We don’t think so! While we love the fact that lip scrubs make our dry lip woes melt away, there are a few other reasons we keep them in our life.

In his article we’ll show you why we love em and why you should too!

Keep reading to find out the three reasons we adore lip scrubs and will always keep them around.

They plump our pout

We have yet to meet one woman on this planet who will say no to something that will plump her pout. Well, unless she’s Angelina Jolie of course!

Not only does a good lip scrub slough off dry skin for smoother lips, they help to boost blood circulation, which in turn promotes the formation of collagen, a structural protein responsible for keeping the skin (and in this case, the lips) plump, pouty and youthful.

Use it once a week, use it every day, you won’t get enough of it!

They prep our lips for our balms and lipstick application

You’re rushing around, tripping over your heels and searching for your lipstick before the doorbell rings and your hot date arrives to pick you up. You finally find your lipstick and apply a quick swipe before frowning in dismay at your dry lips in the mirror. Now what do you do?

You start over and begin the process with one of our sugar scrubs, of course! You’ll save yourself a whole lot of time and trouble, we promise!

Once your lips are freshly scrubbed, swipe on your favorite Treat balm and then finish off with a coat of that gorgeous lip shade. Now take a look at your smooth, silky lips and smile in anticipation of what the night has in store for you!

They taste yummy

Last, but definitely not least, our lip scrubs are formulated with all natural ingredients so you can feel free to sneak in a lick!

Our flavors taste like the real thing, so if you have a sweet craving you need to try one quick! These scrubs take your beauty routine to the next level!

If you want to try one for yourself then check them out here. Be sure to always follow up with one of our balms and you’re all set!

Try our newest flavor with real confetti sprinkles.

Treat Birthday Cake Lip Scrub 


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