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Navigating Relationships in Your 30s and Beyond: 4 Dating Tips From Treat Beauty!

August 28, 2018

Dating Tips for your 30's

As a teen or 20 something, most women are exploring their options, going on lots of dates and taking their time to find “the one.” If you believe in that sorta thing of course!

As you head into your thirties you may feel pressure to settle, because society has made us feel that by now we should be married with a white picket fence and 2 and a half kids!

Of course, this is not real life. Sure, some people get married young, but perhaps you’ve put your career first and are only really taking time to date now in your thirties and beyond. Or perhaps you were married and it didn’t work out.

Whatever the case, we certainly aren’t here to judge, but rather, to offer some dating advice that isn’t just catered towards teens!

Learn from your younger self

One of the best things about dating as a more mature (not old!) woman is that you have experience. You’ve learned from your past mistakes and you know what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to beat around the bush anymore!

Take note of why past relationships have failed, even write it down, so you can move forward in a positive way.

Build a friendship

Take note of traits in your closest family members and friends and be sure the person you go on a date with has similar characteristics. You’re close to these people for a reason and since secure relationships are based on a deep friendship first, this makes sense!

Give it time

Don’t rush into a serious relationship after just one date, because you feel you have to at your age. Take your time to go on a few dates, meet different people and when you hit it off especially well with one person, take your time before getting too serious.

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You are a strong, independent woman who wants someone to complement her not complete her so don’t feel rushed or stressed at jumping into something if you aren’t ready. You’ve done just fine up until now and if you let go a little and go with the flow, you’ll see that it will happen naturally, just when you are least expecting it!

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