Your 5 Step Morning Ritual For a Relaxed Start to the Day

Your 5 Step Morning Ritual For a Relaxed Start to the Day

We’ve all been there before…

The alarm goes off.

You roll over and bang your finger down hard on your iPhone screen to hit snooze before you “properly wake up.”

Inevitably though, if you’re not up for good 15 minutes later, you know you’re going to get that look from your boss for being late.

So you drag yourself up and out of the house just in time to speed through the drive thru and grab your cup of coffee to get your brain into working function!

But what if I told you that mornings didn’t have to be so rough?

What if with just a few simple shifts in your current daily routine, you’ll start to wake up with some gusto and finally feel like you woke up on the right side of the bed for once!


Don’t hit snooze ⏰

Okay so this may seem impossible, but did you know that hitting snooze can actually leave you feeling exhausted all day long? Try setting your alarm clock for a realistic time, not too early if you can help it, and put your alarm clock or phone across the room. If you have to get up to put your alarm off you’re less likely to go back to sleep.

An app i’ve been loving lately is the Sleep Cycle alarm clock which tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up in your lightest sleep.


Practice gratitude 🙏

Gratitude is so important to live an abundant and happy life. Even if you have some challenging things going on in your life, the simple fact that you woke up in your bed this morning is reason enough to be thankful. Before diving into your emails and work for the day, spend a few minutes mentally listing things you are grateful for. Or write them down! It’s a wonderful and positive start to the day and really sets you up for a good one.


Sip some warm lemon water 🍋

After hours of sleep, your body is dehydrated and in need of water before you prepare your morning caffeine fix. Drink a cup of warm water upon waking and add some lemon juice to help gently detoxify your body and wake up your digestive system.


Scrub up! 🧖‍♀️

Nothing feels better than a good exfoliation to prep the skin for the day, but don’t forget your lips! We have a range of delicious lip scrubs in delectable flavors from sweet marshmallow cream to mouth-watering salted caramel. Your lips will feel super soft and kissable and ready to absorb their dose of hydration from your lip balm of choice.


Perk up your skin and lips ☕

Now that your skin and lips are prepped and ready, you can apply your facial oil, we adore coconut and a lip balm to leave your lips silky soft and smooth. We have too many incredible flavors to mention in just one post, but for an early morning you may want to try our Coffee Caffeinated Jumbo Lip Balm (the smell alone will perk your right up) or why not have dessert for breakfast and indulge in our Confetti Cake Jumbo Lip Balm?

I hope these tips help you to have brighter, happier mornings!

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