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3 Things That Set Our Jumbo Lip Balms Apart From The Rest

July 11, 2018 4 Comments

What makes Treat's lip balms so sweet

When looking for a lip balm we bet the first thing you want is something that’s going to hydrate your lips like no other, because dry lips is usually the reason we tend to constantly reach for our balms, right?

If it smells good and plumps your lips too then hey, who’s to argue with that!

Now, while you may think you can head on over to your local drugstore and find the perfect lip balm just for you, we’re sad to tell you that all you’re going to find is a facade. Sure the lip balm may look alright, smell good too and hydrate your lips, but unfortunately conventional balms are produced in bulk from pre-made molds and are filled with synthetic ingredients that won’t really benefit your lips and can even put your health at risk

No thank you!

Before you panic, we’re here to let you know that Treat Balms are here to save the day! Here are just 3 reasons why they beat the competition hands down, and are the only balms you’ll ever need in your life...


Natural ingredients that won’t dry your lips out

Not only are our balms formulated with the most lush and all natural ingredients to leave your lips luxuriously soft and coated in a veil of pure indulgence, all natural ingredients mean you never have to worry about your lips drying out.

Conventional balms contain synthetic ingredients that can actually sap the moisture from your lips. Ever notice how the minute it wears off your lips feel even drier than before? You’ll never have this problem with Treat Balms, because we’re all about honesty. It may be time to break up with your scheming conventional balm.


Flavors that can’t be beat!

Okay, so when it comes to flavors, our balms cannot be beat! With decadent flavours like fruity Tropical Punch, nostalgic Rainbow Sherbet and juicy Blueberry, to name just a few, why would you need to look anywhere else? Our flavors are due to organic flavor, none of that nasty, fake stuff, and they smell good enough to eat. In fact, go ahead and take a lick if you’d like, they are natural after all!


Our balms are JUMBO sized

If you need one more thing to convince you, then this is it. Our balms aren’t those small, boring tubes you’re used to. They say size matters, and oh boy does it! Our balms are jumbo-sized to suit all you pout needs and trust us, you’ll be the envy of all your friends!

4 Responses


July 31, 2018

These lip balms are absolutely amazing! They glide on smoothly and are so moisturizing. You can’t beat the flavors and scents. Toasted marshmallow is my absolute favorite and the best part…..they are JUMBO so they will last you a long time!


July 31, 2018

Love ur lip blam

Molina Welborn
Molina Welborn

July 31, 2018

I LOVE THESE! I have SO many and I use them all over. Angel Food cake or Cola would be AMAZE BALLS!!!

Lee Mullinax
Lee Mullinax

July 31, 2018

No one tells you they’re addictive!

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