How to Exfoliate, Smooth and Hydrate Chapped Lips

How to Exfoliate, Smooth and Hydrate Chapped Lips

How to exfoliate, smooth and hydrate chapped lips

The cold winter months can wreak havoc on your skin and lips, leaving you with another reason to be dreaming of sweet summertime. But what if I told you Treat Beauty can fix all all your chapped lip nightmares no matter what season it is? With just three simple steps you are guaranteed the most kissable lips in all the land.


In order to get rid of dry, flaky lips it is essential that you start with a good lip scrub. For optimal results it must be abrasive enough to remove dead skin but gentle enough to use everyday. We recommend using Treat Beauty’s Jumbo Marshmallow Cream Organic Lip Scrub! Once again coconut oil saves the day with its natural antiseptic effects, hydrating your lips effortlessly. Along with the fine trade organic sugar, your lips will have the perfect amount of exfoliation and plump leaving you one step closer to that Kylie Jenner look!

FUN FACT: Treat beauty loves using their lip scrub on their cuticles, for healthy nail growth!

  • TREAT:

    After exfoliating,  immediately apply the Treat Beauty lip balm to protect your newly exfoliated lips to any of the outside elements. Treat has specially formulated  the scrub and lip balm’s ingredients to work together for smoother lips… faster! All our lip balms contain Beeswax, a natural humectant that will lock in moisture day or night. Your now hydrated, beautiful lips never fear dryness ever again!

    FUN FACT: Treat Beauty doesn’t  just put their lip balm on their lips, we prefer to use it around our eyes as well! The Coconut Oil which contains Vitamin E, which is the most potent ingredient known to fight free radicals. See you later Wrinkles, you are not wanted here!



    For 24/7 kissable lips, your aftercare is just as important as the initial product application. Treat recommends that you exfoliate your lips 2-4 times a week, although our lip scrub is safe  and gentle enough to use every day. Follow with your favorite flavor of lip balm from Treat and you are done, like a piece of cake. Ladies, who likes digging around in their purse desperately searching for their favorite beauty product among all that junk? The best part about Treat is we made our lip products 3x the size of an average lip balm, meaning you will have all around protection 3x longer and will be next to impossible to lose!

    At Treat, we want you to always know you are beautiful both inside and out! Now, you can wake up every day with unshakeable confidence, leaving your mark of beauty wherever you may go.

    XO- Treat Beauty

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