Get Glowing Skin With Our 3 Simple Highlighting Techniques

Get Glowing Skin With Our 3 Simple Highlighting Techniques

If there’s one thing woman lust after, the same way you may lust after a piece of decadent rich fudge cake, it’s a glowing complexion!

Sure, a swipe of bronzer can certainly make a big difference, but if you want something to perk up your skin faster than you can say “glow, baby, glow” then you need to get your hands on our Coralicious Color Stick!

Its tropical mango scent will transport your senses to the islands, but after your lips are satisfied, be sure to show the rest of your face some love too!

Yep, that’s right!

Not only does our Coralicious Color Stick add a sheer wash of sexy color to your lips, its shimmery formulation just demands to be shown off as a highlight too!

Keep reading for 3 of our favorite ways to use this multi-purpose beauty, apart from your lips of course!

Show off those cheekbones

If you’re looking to bring out your gorgeous cheekbones then apply Coralicious in a diagonal line from just below the center of your eye socket up towards your hairline, and then blend, blend blend!

This will add some definition and make your whole face glow beautifully!

Make those eyes pop

Two of our favorite ways to use highlighter is under the brow bone to make the eyes appear larger and in the inner corner of the eyes to make them pop and make you look wide awake no matter how little sleep you’ve had!

Bring out your natural flush

You know that pretty, flushed just been kissed look that no amount of makeup can recreate? Well, now you can!

Apply some of our Coralicious stick to the apples of your cheeks and blend. The natural hint of color will wake up your skin, while the shimmer will make you glow!

These are just a few of our favorite ways to use our Coralicious stick for maximum glow impact. If you have any of your own tips or tricks to share, we’d love to hear them!

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