Adopt Don't Shop! My Journey of Dog Adoption: Meet Arthur and Frankie Massie

Adopt Don't Shop! My Journey of Dog Adoption: Meet Arthur and Frankie Massie

Must Love Dogs

Treat Beauty is one big happy dog-friendly family! Adopting dogs has always had a place in my heart and I am so thankful for the opportunity to give a dog in need a home filled with love and a safe new life. 

If you are thinking of adding a new best friend to your family, please consider adopting vs shopping at a pet store. Here are just a few reasons of the impact you have when you adopt your new pet!

🐶 You will save 2 lives! The pet you are adopting frees up a space that the shelter is using to house the next adoptable pet

🐶 It will cost you less!! At most shelters, the cost to spay/neuter, vaccinations and often microchipping is included in your adoption fee #bonus

🐶 You gain a new best friend! 

And, so many more reasons! Check out 10 Top Reasons to Adopt a Pet via The Humane Society of The United States and for additional adoption and donation resources. 

My Story

In 2020, 3 of my pups passed away within 4 months. They lived long, amazing lives and it broke my heart to say goodbye. Even though my heart was shattered, I knew that rescuing another dog was the path that I had to take. There are so many dogs out there that need homes due to abuse, neglect or whatever their journey reflects.

Please note that I do know that there are reputable breeders out there and that is great if buying a dog from a store or breeder is the path you take and I support all of the love that is given to any dog and all animals. But, adoption will always be the choice I make. 


Earlier this year, I had the honor of rescuing my two Samoyed boys, Arthur and Frankie from Ginger's Pet Rescue in Seattle that were brought through Korea. While in Korea, they were thankfully saved from a dog meat farm by a group of activists. 

By nature, Samoyed dogs are gentle, adaptable and friendly - which is a perfect fit for my family! I have always had Samoyed dogs and decided it was time to find my next best friend. Ginger's Pet Rescue was there along the way to bring my boys home!

Meet Arthur and Frankie!!

When the boys arrived from Korea, Arthur was very skinny and had to be shaved due to the amount that he scratched himself bloody from a skin infection that covered his entire body. I knew that adopting the boys from Korea would be a lot of work, but I was fully committed from day 1. Arthur is still growing his white fluffy hair out, but is doing so great! 

Before the rescue and flight out of Korea, Frank tried to escape by chewing his way out of the wire cage. Due to my little escape artist being scared and trying to flee, Frank is missing most of his teeth. We just love him so much and because of his sweet, toothless smile, I call Frankie my little gummy bear! He is just the sweetest, goofiest little pup and looks fabulous in hats just like my sister, Mandi.  

Often, when adopting a new animal, you don’t get to choose what age you fall in love with your new best friend and family member. When we picked up the boys from their long travel to the US, Arthur was around 18 months and Frank was about 2 years old. Did I miss the puppy phase? Oh, my yes I did! But, I was so honored and ready to give Arthur and Frankie all the love that they need and deserve and of course give us the daily love our family was missing! 

How Can I Give Back?

After Arthur and Frankie took over my heart Treat Beauty had the opportunity to sponsor a 2 year old Samoyed pup named Kai who was rescued from Korea just like my boys through Ginger's Pet Rescue

Here are some helpful and easy ways that you can give back to your local or online pet rescue of choice. 

🐶 Volunteer your time!

🐶 Donate gently used or new items - often there is a list featured on the pet rescues website 

🐶 Become a foster 

🐶 Contact your local shelters and pet rescues to see how you can give back 

Have you rescued a pup or animal in need? If so, share your story in the comments. I'd love to hear about your new best friend!!


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