Earth Day Tips

Earth Day Tips

“The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” - Lady Bird Johnson

What is Earth Day

Every April 22nd we celebrate and honor Earth Day as a global community to show our gratitude for the planet and the brilliant natural resources that we benefit from on a daily basis, but what is Earth Day? 

Earth Day was inspired by Vietnam war protesters in 1970 after Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson, noticed people protesting the Vietnam War, but the government not doing anything about the daily long-term damage being done to protect the planet from pesticides, pollution and planet altering accidents, like oil spills. 

While we should be conscious of our daily actions, Earth Day activities bring awareness to close to 1 billion people worldwide to participate in events, plant trees, remind ourselves about the different ways to act more sustainably and so much more.

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In honor of our amazing Mother Earth, we put together some tips, best practices and fun facts so we can learn together how to be better to our Earth. 🌏

Earth Day Facts

Earth Day is also known as “International Mother Earth Day”, thoughtfully named by the United Nations in 2009. 

The theme changes each Earth Day - for 2021 the theme is “Restore our Earth”, which examines natural and green technologies and innovative thinking to restore the world’s ecosystems. 

For 2021 there is a live digital event with global leaders, actors and musicians, that anyone can attend virtually. For full details and to tune in, visit

Did you know by turning off your water faucet when you brush your teeth, you can conserve up to eight gallons of water a day. Imagine how much of an impact you have when you take a shorter shower!!

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The average American generates about 4.5 pounds of trash per day, compared to 2.68 pounds in 1960, according to the EPA, but there are so many easy tools that we can use to cut back on trash consumption, like using a washcloth vs a paper towel.

6 Simple Tips to Help

Volunteer: Take action by finding local volunteering opportunities where you live. has a simple link to find out what local events, activities and up-to-date resources for you to do on Earth Day and every day. Often your work will pay you to take a day off to volunteer. 

Unplug: Unplug appliances & devices when you are not using them. Coffee makers, toasters, lamps, tech devices and anything that is not in active use within your home. Areas we don’t think about are often the guest bedrooms, storage spaces, tools not being used in the garage and spaces that aren’t being actively used. 

Laundry: Wash laundry in cold water. About 90% of the energy your washing machine uses goes to heating the water. 

Shop Eco-Friendly Household Products *or make your own!!: Look for “green” products that are reusable, sustainably resourced or made of recycled materials. Often making your own products saves you money as well. 

Paper Products: Use a washcloth vs paper towel or napkin when you can, invest in a bidet and swap makeup wipes with a long-term solution that works for you.

Water Bottles: Invest in a new, fun water bottle for your hydration needs. You can find some great deals out there, cut back on plastic waste and save money buying vs buying new bottles of water.

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How Is Treat Beauty Helping?

All of my Jumbo Lip Balms are 3 X’s bigger than the average lip balm. Not only do my lip balms last longer than the average, smaller lip balm, you can also pop them into the recycling bin to turn them into new products. 

Treat Beauty only features USDA Organic ingredients - ZERO artificial or synthetic ingredients in every single product that we offer.

Mint & Matcha Caffeinated Eye & Lip Treatment Balm 

Treat Beauty products are made in the USA, which supports fewer shipping and distribution steps, thus reducing carbon emissions and footprints. 

All of the materials that Treat Beauty uses are able to be recycled - packaging, products & shipping containers. 

Multi-use products. Did you know that all of my jumbo lip balms are multi-use?! Yep, they are. You can apply my jumbo lip balms to your lips, eyes, cheeks, problem areas, cuticles and anywhere you need a little extra bit of love and moisturizer.

The Treat Beauty team believes that every day is Earth Day, but on April 22nd, let’s remind ourselves and our loved ones to take an extra green step. 

How are you celebrating Earth Day today and every day? We’d love to hear and learn from you. Comment now!

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