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Delicious Coconut Oil Lip Balm That Smells Like A Beach & Banishes Dry Lips

June 12, 2018

Summer has finally arrived and we couldn’t be happier to soak up her beautiful warm rays! While summer is full of sunshine and good times, from lounging on the beach by day to sipping cocktails by summer bonfires at night, there is still one downside and that’s the effect of the sun on your lips!

While you may be sure to slather SPF on your body, one area that often gets neglected are the lips. Just like the rest of your body, your lips are susceptible to the damaging effects of the suns UV rays. If you’ve ever endured a sunburn on your lips then you’ll know the pain and frustration of dry, shriveled lips for days, if not weeks!

You can say adios to a smooth lipstick application and no girl deserves that!

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our delectable new Tropical Punch Lip Balm, formulated with only the most natural and nourishing ingredients. One whiff of this scent will transport your senses to a tropical oasis before you’ve even left for your trip!

Keep reading to learn more about the surprising causes of dry lips and how this lip balm can help you knock out chapped lips all summer long!


What causes dry lips?

While we know the sun can certainly sap the moisture form our lips, what may surprise you is that so can your diet. We bet you’re scratching your head in confusion, but we promise you it’s true! Foods high in salt actually draw water out of the cells and can leave your skin, not to mention your body, dehydrated and in need of a hydration boost.

Now this may really come as a shock, but did you know that sugar can actually dry your skin out as well? Sugar saps moisture out of your skin cells and can even break down collagen and elastin, two structural proteins essential for healthy, plump and nourished lips. You may want to think twice before sipping on that coke or iced tea next time you’re feeling thirsty. Instead, why not indulge in this delicious watermelon spritzer, sure to cool you down and leave you feeling perfectly refreshed.


Why use coconut oil on your lips?

Coconut oil is full, and we mean jam-packed, with healthy fatty acids to fight inflammation, soothe, hydrate and heal like no other. Although not a sufficient protectant on its own, coconut oil will provide a mild protective barrier on your lips, especially when combined with other UV battling ingredients like shea butter.


A delicious way to soothe dry, chapped lips

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on our decadent tropical punch lip balm that smells like a beach vacay in a tube! Get your very own Jumbo Tropical Punch Lip Balm.

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