5 Reasons Our Jumbo Lip Balms Are The Best Back To School Beauty Treats!

5 Reasons Our Jumbo Lip Balms Are The Best Back To School Beauty Treats!

We can just hear the sighs all around as the new school year looms closer. Whether your kids happen to be in middle school, high school or college, no one wants the summer holidays to come to an end! But like the supermom you are, you're all about making sure they have what they need... which usually means you don't put yourself first ... at least until the next summer comes around and you can spend all day lounging by the pool again of course!

Well lean in a little closer ladies, because we have some news for you! If you’re looking for something to make the transition back to school a little easier than you need look no further than our balms! These are no ordinary balms, our jumbo lip balms scream fun and flavor! Just one whiff and you’ll be hooked, invigorated, and ready to tackle the new school year with a pep in your step. Still unsure? Well read on loves, here are our 5 reasons our jumbo lip balms are going to be your best back to school beauty Treat!


They’re quick and easy

Once school is back in swing, you’re going to be so busy with schedules and making sure everyone has their homework done, so the last thing you need is a complicated beauty routine. Well, it doesn’t get less complicated than our balms! Just one application and you’re ready to go! You won’t have to worry about smudging or bleeding lips, but we should warn you... they taste so good you may spend too much time applying more than one layer. Just don't be late for pickup! You won't hear the last of it from your kiddos!  


They smell like heaven

Sick of the same ol’ flavors at the drugstore? Why should you have to choose between two or three flavors when you can have 20 or more? Yeah, we don’t know either! From Confetti Cake to Watermelon, there’s a flavor to suit every mood and personality! How can you frown when you’re wearing Birthday Cake on your lips?


You’ll always be ready for your close up

You never know when a good photo op will arrive so always be ready by carrying one (or three!) of our balms in your purse! The last thing you need is to be tagged in a photo, only to frown at your shriveled, flaky lips. Treat has your back! Your pout will always be prepped and primed and ready for its close up!


You’ll never have to worry about dry lips again

Ugh, who has time for dry lips? We don’t and we know you don’t either so kick them to the curb by applying our balms every single day. Natural oils and butters will hydrate your lips like no other and keep them that way for hours. In fact, regular use of our balms will help to improve the health and elasticity of your lips. What other balm can do that?


They can be dressed up or down

Got a sitter for the night? Rock that red lip, but always be sure to apply a layer of our balms underneath for the smoothest and silkiest application. Or maybe a Saturday afternoon playdate? Ditch the heavy lipsticks and wear our balms for a naturally smooth finish. These balms have your back no matter where life may take you! We hope you’ll start your school year feeling positive and happy! Sending you good vibes and happy lips for back to school season!
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